David Anderson
UC, Berkeley
Protein Structure Prediction via Desktop Distributed Computing Using BOINC
Chandrajit Bajaj
University of Texas, Austin
Multi-resolution visualization tools for viral surfaces and mapping of derived structural properties
Helen M. Berman
Rutgers State University
Enhancement of accessibility and extension of derived information for icosahedral virus coordinates in the Protein Data Bank
Robijn Bruinsma
UC, Los Angeles
Computing Materials Properties of Viral Capsids
Bridget Carragher
Workshops in EM model building (NRAMM)
Job Dekker
University of Massassachusetts
Structure and dynamics of eukaryotic chromosomes in vivo
H. Jane Dyson
Generation of Native-Like Initial Protein Structures from Limited NMR Data
Michael Feig
Michigan State University
Analysis of dynamic features in multi-scale models of proteins and nucleic acids
Mark T. Fisher
University of Kansas, Medical Center
Structural and Energetic Effects of Protein Substrates binding on the GroEL-chaperonin
Joachim Frank
SUNY, Albany, Howard Hughes Medical In
Fitting of ribosomal ligands into cryo-EM density maps of functional ribosome-ligand complexes
Jiali Gao
University of Minnesota
Mechanical packaging of double-stranded DNA in f29
Shuang Huang
Exploring virus capsids as platforms for the epitope display and targeting
R. Manjunath Kini
National University of Singapore
Analyses of protein-protein interaction sites in virus database
J. Andrew McCammon
UC, San Diego
Exploring supramolecular dynamics with structrual modeling and continuum theory
Alok K. Mitra
University of Auckland
Modelling the toxic complex of anthrax based on cryo-EM investigations
Jose' N. Onuchic
UC, San Diego
Joint MMTSB/CTBP Workshops
Stanley J. Opella
UC, San Diego
Tools to Assist de novo Structure Determination of Integral Membrane Proteins in Aligned Samples
Rob Phillips
California Institute of Technology
Exploring virus elasticity with experiment, atomic modeling and continuum theory
Clint S. Potter
Workshops in EM model building (NRAMM)
Thomas J. Smith
Danforth Plant Science Institute
Exploring subunit communication in an allosteric enzyme involved in insulin homeostasis
Kenneth A. Taylor
Florida State University
Normal Mode Flexible Fitting into 3-D Images Obtained by CryoEM and Electron Tomography and Modeling of Force Bearing Crossbridges in Contracting Insect Flight Muscle
Stephen S. White
UC, Irvine
Designing Peptides That Fold Into Membranes
Jamie Williamson
Multiscale study of co-transcriptional ribosomal assembly
Adam Zlotnick
University of Oklahoma
Exploring the structure of viral capsid building blocks: the isolated dimer of hepatitas B virus
Roger M. Burnett Leo Caves
Alex MacKerell C. Robert Matthews
Ron A. Milligan Mark Olson
Dennis C. Rapaport A. S. N. Reddy
Tom Simonson Chandra Verma