Charles L. Brooks III   Director, Protein Modeling, Virus Structures
Michael Feig   Protein Modeling, MMTSB Tool Set, Web Page
Wonpil Im   Implicit Solvation Models, Membranes, Protein Folding
Florence Tama   Elastic Network NMA, Cryo-EM Data Fitting
Michael Crowley   CHARMM and Amber Development
Michela Taufer   WWW Distributed Computing, Predictor
Chahm An   Protein Structure Prediction, CASP
David A. Case   Nucleic Acid Modeling, Protein Modeling, Protein-protein Interactions
Qizhi Cui   Multi-scale Nucleic Acid Modling
John E. Johnson   Virus Structures
Padmaja Natarajan   Virus Structures, VIPER web site
Gabriel C. Lander   Virus Structures, VIPER web site
Vijay S. Reddy   Virus Structures, VIPER web site, Virus Informatics
Craig Shepherd   Virus Structure Database, Informatics
Jeffrey Skolnick   Protein Modeling, Structure Prediction, Bioinformatics
Stephen C. Harvey   Nucleic Acid Modeling
Robert Tan   Nucleic Acid Modeling, YAMMP and YUP Development