Normal Mode Flexible Fitting

NMFF is an evolving package of programs and methods that enable the flexible multi-resolution fitting of large atomically detailed structures into electron density maps from cryoEM, tomography and related lower resolution methods.The theory and methods behind NMFF are described in the papers referenced below and are based on searching along a few lowest frequency normal mode vectors, constructed from a multi-resolution elastic netork representation of the atomic structure of interest, to maximize the correlation between the computed electron density for the flexible model and the experimental density.


We are currently building a base of tutorials to illustrate the use of NMFF for the development of atomic level models from lower resolution data using cryoEM and/or electron eomography. Currently we ahve two tutorials and exercises developed. These can be accessed below. If you have any questions regarding these tutorials please feel free to contact .

  • Fitting the open-state atomic level structure of adenylate kinase into the closed state single particle electron density using NMFF

  • Building atomic level models of swollen virus capsids with NMFF