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This software suite (NMFF) is provided to users as a courtesy and is distributed "as is", with no implied liability or responsibility on the part of Florence Tama, Osamu Miyashita, Charles L. Brooks III (Authors) or the The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI). All copyrights reside with the Authors and TSRI.

Users are not permitted to redistribute the code or algorithms contained in the NMFF suite without express written permission from the Authors. If Users make changes in the code to accommodate problems of interest to them, they are encouraged to contribute these back to NMFF (through the Authors) for others to utilize. Under no circumstances should modifications be distributed without the express written consent of the Authors.

The software was developed as a component of activities in the Center for Multiscale Modeling Tools for Structural Biology, an NIH Research Resource supported by the NCRR via grant RR12255. Any publications resulting from the use or application of this software suite should acknowledge MMTSB and the grant RR12255 with an acknowledgement of the form: "The authors of this work acknowledge use of the NMFF software developed within the MMTSB Center and supported through the NIH (RR12255)".

In addition to this acknowledgement, authors of works deriving from use of NMFF are encouraged to reference the original research papers describing the elastic network normal mode model, the rotation-translation block method (RTB) and the papers describing the synthesis of these methods into NMFF. The references are:

 Elastic network model

Tirion, MM. Large amplitude elastic motions in proteins from a single- parameter, atomic analysis. Phys Rev Lett 77: 1905-8 (1996).

 RTB method

Durand, P, Trinquier, G & Sanejouand, YH. New Approach for Determining Low-Frequency Normal-Modes in Macromolecules. Biopolymers 34: 759-71 (1994).

Tama, F, Gadea, FX, Marques, O & Sanejouand, YH. Building-block approach for determining low-frequency normal modes of macromolecules. Proteins 41: 1-7 (2000).


Tama, F, Miyashita, O & Brooks III, CL. Flexible multi-scale fitting of atomic structures into low-resolution electron density maps with elastic network normal mode analysis. J Mol Biol 337: 985-99 (2004).

Tama, F, Miyashita, O & Brooks III, CL. Normal mode based flexible fitting of high-resolution into low-resolution experimental data from cryo-EM. J Struct Biol 147: 315-26 (2004).

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