MMTSB encourages vsits for stays of a few weeks to several months. Visitors at the Center have the opportunity to work with Center scientists on problems motivated by their interests, and which help mold and refine ongoing areas of interest within MMTSB

Potential visitors are encouraged to contact one of our MMTSB scientists to explore potential common interests and a future visit.

Current visiting scientists
  • Ken Taylor (FSU, Talahassee)
  • Sagar Kathuria (U. Massachusetts Medical School)
  • Past visiting scientists
    Visitor publications
    F Tama, M Feig, J Liu, CL Brooks, III and KA Taylor. The Requirement for Mechanical Coupling Between Head and S2 Domains in Smooth Muscle Myosin ATPase Regulation and its Implications for Dimeric Motor Function. Journal of Molecular Biology, 2005, 345 (4), 837-854.   PubMed
    AD MacKerell, Jr., M Feig and CL Brooks, III. Improved treatment of the protein backbone in empirical force fields. Journal of the Americal Chemical Society, 2004, 126 (3), 698-9.   PubMed
    AD Mackerell, Jr., M Feig and CL Brooks, III. Extending the treatment of backbone energetics in protein force fields: Limitations of gas-phase quantum mechanics in reproducing protein conformational distributions in molecular dynamics simulations. Journal of Computational Chemistry, 2004, 25 (11), 1400-15.   PubMed
    D Rapaport, JE Johnson and J Skolnick. Supramolecular self-assembly: Molecular dynamics modeling of polyhedral shell formation. Computer Physics Communications, 1999, 121 231-235.